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Young People at a Workshop

Agile Workshops

In many instances Agile Workshops are more effective than Agile training or Agile certification. They are aimed at covering a very specific topic and the outcomes are co-created with the attendees. The outcomes are immediately actionable as the workshop practical content is based on real-life context from your workplace.

Benefits of Workshop

  • Quick return on time investment

  • Highly practical and uses your own context where possible

  • Shorter in duration compared with certification training

  • Short course certification on completion

    • Ranges from half day to two days based on topic and your requirements

  • Could be done online or in-person

  • Agile Boot camp training (Agile foundation training)

  • Agile Estimation

  • Feature writing workshop

  • User story writing workshop

  • Agile requirements techniques workshop

  • Value Stream Mapping workshop

  • Mapping Strategic Themes to OKRs and Epics

  • Crafting roadmaps

  • Informing the big picture

  • Design Thinking workshop

  • Remote Facilitation workshop

  • SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management Workshop

  • SAFe® for HR Workshop

  • Applying SAFe 6.0 to accelerate Business Agility

Available Workshops

The list is by no means comprehensive, as a workshop can be created for literally anything that we need to learn more about or practice as a team.

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