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About Agilocity

Since our inception, we've been hyper focused on advancing our customers adaptability for their competitive advantage.


Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Accredited Training Provider

Agilocity is your premium Agile Consultancy with an excess of 50 year’s combined Lean and Agile experience. Our specialty is Agile Transformation and associated training and coaching that enables transformation. Our consultants are versed in an array of Lean-Agile methods to meet your organization where you are.

To be a reputable niche market leader in Lean-Agile methods, specifically  Agile training, Agile Transformation, Agile consulting, Agile coaching and staffing services. Our latest specialty is Agile Change Consulting.

Our vision is simple, to transform the way we work.

At Agilocity we believe that there is always room for improvement in processes and ways of delivering value. We help our customers to look at process and value stream problems from different angles, which allows us to apply innovative solutions to common problems.

Agilocity specializes in providing Lean-Agile training, coaching and consulting to organizations and individuals who seek to further their skill- sets and abilities in an ever changing world.

Agilocity offers Lean-Agile skill set specific training to enterprises and individuals, provides tailored coaching and consultation to organizations and teams that require help in transforming the way they work for improved quality, productivity and sustainability.

Agilocity is a Bronze Transformation Partner of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®).

We’re also a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of VMEdu, provider of SCRUMstudy curriculum.

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