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Our Services

Agile & Lean Transformation

We specialize in driving organizational transformation that equips organizations to thrive in today's exponential markets. Let us assist you with the transformation of your ways-of-working.

Lean-Agile Coaching and Consulting

As a coaching team we have many years of experience and we’re certain that we can add demonstrable value to your Agile or Lean transformation through our hands-on Agile Coaching and Agile Consulting.

Agile Change Management

Our Enterprise Agility Consultants are well equipped to assist your organizations with the keys to enable exponential change on the individual level which is a prerequisite for enterprise change to become contagious. These are tactics that most frameworks don’t ever mention as their primary concern is Structural Agility (roles, process and responsibilities).

Our certification portfolio of international accredited Agile Training courses enables us to train on all levels of the organization. Our training include Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and a host of Agilocity Custom training and tailor-made agile workshops.

Custom Training Workshops

Based on interviews/ observations of areas that demonstrate areas for optimization in your business area, we're well positioned to create custom-built training material which we reinforce with on-the-job mentoring and coaching.

Enterprise Agility Assessments

We assist companies and teams with Agile assessments which provides the baseline data to demonstrate the health of a competency that enable focused continuous improvement in all dimensions of Enterprise Agility. The assessments span all areas of Agility. In addition we also offer cultural assessments which lays the foundation for direction in the Agile Transformation.

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