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Agile Training

What is agile training?

Agile training is the act of obtaining knowledge through instructor-led facilitation. Newly acquired knowledge is immediately applied through experiential exercises in all of our courses which aids tremendously in the attainment of knowledge in adult learning.

How do we do agile training?

Our training is done virtually or in-person, and our booking system will show you before booking.

What agile training does Agilocity Consulting offer?

Our Enterprise Agility Consultants are well equipped to assist your organizations with the keys to enable exponential change on the individual level which is a prerequisite for enterprise change to become contagious. These are tactics that most frameworks don’t ever mention as their primary concern is Structural Agility (roles, process and responsibilities).

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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)® Training

Agilocity Consulting Certification

Need more information?

Contact us here with any questions pertaining to our training or e-mail us directly here.

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