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Agile HR Explorer Course

Close the gap between HR and your Agile teams

Customer feedback is clear that traditional HR practices don’t support Agile teams and the needs of today’s rapidly changing business environments. Scaled Agile is offering Agile HR Explorer to help bridge this gap. This course provides the expertise to shift your traditional HR practices, which helps you support Agile teams to maximize business outcomes.

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Learning Goals

In this high-energy, practical, and insightful course, you’ll explore the new world of work. You’ll learn how and why Agile is instrumental for creating more stable, responsive, and successful organizations.
With your active participation in this training course, we will:
• Identify the changing nature of work and its impact on HR
• Explore the world of Agile and learn how to apply agile values
and principles
• Find out about Agile HR and the difference between Agile4HR
and HR4Agile
• Discover key Agile HR themes and their relevance to HR Practices
• Gain insights from practical examples and case studies


  • New World of Work – explore the latest revolution of work and its disruptive impact on organizations and HR

  • Agile Foundations – covers the history of Agile, including its values, principles and core concepts

  • Intro to Agile HR – explains the meaning of Agile HR, and Agile4HR vs. HR4Agile

  • Mini Case Studies – learn practical stories to help apply knowledge

  • Practices and Themes – guidance for applying Agile values and principles to different HR practices

Target Audience

The following will benefit from this course:

  • HR professionals seeking inspiration and an understanding of the new world of work and its impact on HR.

  • Agile consultants, coaches, leaders, LACE members and so on.

What's Included?

  • Course workbook
    • Exam with certification via JLS

Annual Renewal

Please read about SAFe's annual renewal fees here.


One full day.


R12 250 per person excl. 15% VAT

What's Next?

  • We only offer this course to groups of 8+

  • Please contact us to express interest in the course via the form below

  • View all SAFe Certifications on offer

  • Contact us to discuss having this training at your organisation

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