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Applying SAFe 6.0 to Accelerate Business Agility Workshop

Advance your SAFe implementation with SAFe 6.0

This one-day workshop will facilitate the development of a backlog of items to implement SAFe 6.0 guidance. Using the modules most relevant to their organization, attendees will have the opportunity to consider their own context and design a backlog of items to implement SAFe 6.0 guidance across the enterprise.

Who should attend

  • Anyone in a role or responsible for advancing or accelerating the implementation of SAFe will benefit from this workshop. This may include, and is not limited to:
    • Members of the VMO and LACE
    • Change agents, Agile Coaches and SPCs
    • Solution Train Engineers, Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters, Agile Team Facilitators
    • Leaders responsible for SAFe implementation

What attendees will do

  • Focus on the workshop modules most relevant to the context of the organization
    • Develop strategies to adopt SAFe 6.0 guidance across the six primary SAFe 6.0 themes:
    o Strengthening the foundation for Business Agility
    o Empowering teams and clarifying responsibilities
    o Accelerating value flow
    o Enhancing Business Agility with SAFe across the business
    o Building the future with AI, Big Data and Cloud
    o Delivering better outcomes with measure and grow and OKRs
    • Identify expected outcomes associated with adoption of SAFe 6.0 guidance
    • Develop a prioritized roadmap to level-up with SAFe 6.0


  • The SAFe 6.0 Upgrade online learning must be completed in advance of attending this workshop. In addition, workshop attendees should explore the curated list of new and updated SAFe 6.0 articles associated with the SAFe 6.0 Upgrade.

What's Included?

  • Workshop materials

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