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Agilocity's Terms and Conditions

By engaging any of our paid services, you agree to these terms and conditions. In the event that no service level agreement is in place, the following shall serve as our terms and conditions.

Course Enrollment Process

  • The client shall book and pay via the online platform. An invoice will be generated by the system and forwarded to the supplied/recorded e-mail address once the enrollment process is completed.


  • Payment will be made via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or Payfast to Agilocity’s supplied bank account details (which may be found on the invoice sent to you), or which will be available through the booking process. 

  • Payment is required prior to your seat being reserved.

    • This is pertinent to companies as well as individuals.

  • Once payment is received you have entered into a legally binding contract

  • There are no further fees or costs apart from routine individual costs (if required) such as accommodation, transport, and exam costs not listed as part of course inclusions.

  • Registration for examination or certificate registration shall only commence once full payment is in receipt. 

  • Certificates will only be issued upon completion of training, and with full participation in training.

  • If for some reason we are sitting with an overdue invoice, Agilocity (pty.) Ltd. will add 15,5% interest p/a to such invoices.

Booking Confirmation for Private Training Events

  • Availability remains tentative until confirmed by 50% pre-payment (as per payment terms agreed with the booking company and as detailed in the Proposal’s Payment Schedule section);

  • A private training event is only guaranteed when all involved parties commit to suitable dates and payment made according to the Payment Schedule;

  • In any event, a Private Training Event shall only be guaranteed once full payment is received.


Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. shall not be held liable for

  • any damages (injury, theft etc.) suffered as a result of an accident occurring on its premises and the student/company hereby indemnifies the company against any such occurrence;

  • failing an exam for whatever reason: the student/company hereby indemnifies Agilocity against any such occurrence and effects.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you are unable to attend a course, Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. must be notified at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the scheduled training.

  • In the event of the student/company cancelling or postponing the course later than the required postponement time period without a valid reason, a 100% cancellation fee will be levied for training materials, catering and venue arrangements, which might still be due to 3rd parties.

  • We apply a ZERO tolerance principle for failure to arrive without notice. 100 % of the fee is payable should the learner not arrive or cancel on day of course commencement.

  • Student/company will be issued with a credit or refund, should Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. cancel an event due to the state of affairs beyond our control.

  • In the event that the course has to be postponed due to the minimum number of students not being reached, students will have the option of choosing the next course they wish to attend. No refunds will be given in this regard.


  • Any substitutions of attendees must be notified to Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. in writing prior to the training course.

  • There is no charge for substitutions. Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. will not be held liable for incorrect delegate details on certificates in the event of substitutions been communicated only on the day of the training course.


In the event of any action for the recovery of monies, or any action by Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. in terms of these terms and conditions, the student/company hereby acknowledges that it will be liable for legal costs on the scale as between attorney and own client, which costs shall include costs of a tracing agents and collection commission.

Other important information

  • Late arrivals may enter the class should they wish to do so, but the instructor is not obligated to revisit work already covered.

  • If a learner arrives after 10H00 without informing Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. that he/she is on their way for the training, this will be seen as failure to arrive and 100% of fee is payable/forfeited .

  • The student hereby acknowledges that he/she has read the pre-requisites for the course/courses and understands that it is up to him/her to ensure that these criteria are met before attending the courses. Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. will not be responsible in the event that the student is unable to complete the course if these pre-requisites have not been met, and reserves the right to ask the student to leave the course.

  • Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. reserves the right to change course content at its own discretion as and when the need arises.

  • Should a trainer not be available due to reasons beyond their control, Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. will endeavor to find a replacement trainer, or reschedule the course to next suitable date.

  • Student’s agree to participate fully in the activities of the accelerated learning models applied in class, failure to do so does not imply any wrongdoing on the trainer’s side, and Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. will not entertain any refund.

    • Certain certifications (as noted on the course pages) requires full participation as this is how students are evaluated for meeting the learning objectives.

      • Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. Reserves the right to not grant certificates based on non-participation. Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. Shall not be held liable for any refunds.

  • Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. reserves the right to postpone a class should fewer than 8(eight) delegates enrol for a course.

  • Courses commence at 08H30, end at no later than 17h00, unless stated otherwise. Delegates should endeavor to arrive at the course venue by no later than 08H15.

  • Beverages and lunch will be served in a physical setting only, unless stated otherwise. Virtual/ online training events have no food/beverages included.

  • Training material will be supplied (unless deemed unnecessary).

  • Photographs may be taken during the course for marketing purposes and blogging. If the student does not give Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. Written notice that the student does not approve of this, then Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd. Shall assume no liability for any claims of wrongdoing or invasion of privacy brought by the student or any of its agents.

Promotions and Sales

Special promotions, coupon codes, discount codes and Sales advertised on the website is strictly for individuals that settle their own accounts, i.e. their company/ employer isn't paying for them.

Value Added Tax

Agilocity (Pty.) Ltd is registered as a VAT vendor with SARS. All prices listed on the website or otherwise, includes Value Added Tax at 15%, and shall be indicated as such on the invoice.

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