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Agilocity Certification

With our collective experience of 60+ years in Lean-Agile methodologies, we're well equipped to provide our own range of certification training courses. These take the form of workshops, which is a culmination of theory and practice, giving learners the best chance to retain knowledge.

We can also tailor make workshops to address very specific areas of focus.

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A 2-day fundamentals orientation for teams either new to Agile or teams that need to sharpen their Agile tool-sets.

We look at the major Agile frameworks to equip learners for immediate application of the techniques.

Agile Estimation

In this Agile Estimation workshop we introduce the concepts of (among other) relative story point estimation within agile teams and put the theoretical knowledge into practice.


Design Thinking

Design thinking is a critical skill among organisations to remain relevant and ahead of the innovation curve. We work with your teams or facilitators to instill the basic design thinking facilitation principles.


Agile Requirements

Agile Requirements workshop delves into the various Agile documentation / modeling techniques to equip participants with the right level of knowledge for them to lead requirements collaborations in the organisation.


Remote Facilitation

Remote facilitation is definitely an art and we can do a lot to enable our own mastery within this art. Join us for a custom-made workshop on Remote Facilitation.


Portfolio Management

In this real-world Portfolio Management workshop we partner with your portfolio staff to create strategic one page portfolio canvasses, vision, tranches of work and associated OKR's. We assist with portfolio roadmaps, capacity allocation models etc. to boost your lean portfolio capability.

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