Four Phases to Deliver Value on Agile Projects – Agile Initiate Project Phase – Phase 2/4

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The Agile Initiate Project Phase In the previous article we looked at the Concept phase of Agile projects. In this article we look at the Initiate phase. The goal of the Initiate phase is to confirm feasibility, and design and plan for development. The initiate phase is about Understanding quality goals of the product Defining key […]

Four Phases to Deliver Value on Agile Projects – The Concept phase – phase 1/4

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Four phases to deliver value on Agile projects Briefly listed, the phases that we will be discussing in this series of four articles are: Concept phase – which is where we outline the goals, outcomes and justification for the initiative. Initiate phase – where we identify the foundations of the solution, build an initial prioritized backlog and […]

Prioritizing Using the Purpose Alignment Model

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Purpose Alignment Model Background & Use The Purpose Alignment Model was created by Nick Nickolaisen and is therefore also called the Nickolaisen Model. The model is used to help people prioritize work based on purpose. It helps us define the purpose of product or project work that we are considering. When we know the purpose […]

The Importance of the Agile Product Roadmap

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Many teams jump into product development with only a vision in their midst. With the vision floating around, teams dissipate and start creating user stories through scoping sessions with product value teams, which includes customers, business counterparts, end users etc. Although the product vision is necessary, it is not sufficient to start a program right. […]

SAFe: Innovation and Disruption Catalyst

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In today’s fast paced digital economy, organizations need to disrupt their processes and culture which will naturally create a fertile canvas filled with digital innovative energy. Subsequently speed to market is accelerated allowing you to obtain feedback from your consumers, and then adjust the product until it’s perfect. With disruption taking place in those industries […]

Four Principles of Lean Thinking

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By Joel Oosthuizen – A Lean piece on Lean Thinking. Add nothing but value – Eliminate waste Centre on the people that value Let customers ‘pull’ value – Delay commitment to the last responsible moment, deliver value fast Optimize the value stream – Optimize the whole- fight sub-optimization like the plague What’s Next? To request […]

Business Process Re-engineering

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By Joel Oosthuizen, Sept. 27th, 2016.  Business process re-engineering is a hot topic nowadays and for good reason. With disruption on the tails of many large enterprises, radical redesign of core business processes is required due to the rapid advancement of technology and therefore the consumer’s ever changing hierarchy of needs. Companies and process that […]