Management 3.0

Management 3 is an Agile Management model that focuses on more advanced topics of the management methodology.

Changing Organisational Culture

According to research, many organizations’s IT Projects fail for various reasons.

The main reasons in my opinion are lack of customer involvement, lack of stake holder involvement, poor requirements, tremendous upfront planning and continuously changing realities and requirements. 

In order to adopt Agile methods successfully, it is important that the entire organization sees the benefits of adapting Agile methods.

In summary these benefits are:

  • Transparency in everything we do, nowhere/way to hide from reality
  • Time boxed iterations / development cycles
  • Frequent releases to garner feedback which influences the systems’ direction, and keeps customers enticed
  • The ability to predict velocity, and plan releases a lot more accurately than with traditional methods
  • Empower teams to be self organizing
  • Decentralize decision making (of items that age fast) to the team
  • Continuous improvement is built into the methodology, with feedback originating from developers, testers, automated unit tests, customers, stake holders etc.
  • Cross functional teams


The Agile methodology is geared towards dealing with risk as it occurs, but naturally the risks associated with this methodology is limited, as we don’t invest 6 months in a release and then open it for feedback

  • Fail fast, learn fast
  • Breeds creativity, autonomy and innovation to deliver features that customers actually want
  • Eliminates wastage as a result of Agile’s roots in Lean Development Principles

Grow competence

One of the top causes for Agile adoption failures, is due to the ‘traditional’ managers having difficulty changing mind sets from Managers to Leaders.

Overcoming this obstacle requires these managers to be trained on how to embrace this change in order to increase the company’s chance of innovating products that are ahead of their competitors.

Research shows that Agile adoptions cuts the time from conceptualization to delivery by 50%, and increases productivity by at least 25%.

The current Agile adoption rate according to IBM is estimated at 37%.


Management 3.0