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What’s new in SAFe 4.5 – The Highlights

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Lean Enterprise
The name “SAFe 4.0 for Lean Software and Systems Engineering” is now known as “SAFe 4.5 for Lean Enterprises”. Holistically, the framework has been “leaned”: there are lean budgets, lean business cases (rather than “lightweight”) and Lean User Experience design, describes the idea to grow from a Lean start-up to a Lean Enterprise. The focus

Agile Initiate Project Phase

Four Phases to Deliver Value on Agile Projects – Agile Initiate Project Phase – Phase 2/4

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The Agile Initiate Project Phase
In the previous article we looked at the Concept phase of Agile projects. In this article we look at the Initiate phase. The goal of the Initiate phase is to confirm feasibility, and design and plan for development. The initiate phase is about

Understanding quality goals of the product

agile concept phase

Four Phases to Deliver Value on Agile Projects – The Concept phase – phase 1/4

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Four phases to deliver value on Agile projects
Briefly listed, the phases that we will be discussing in this series of four articles are:
Concept phase – which is where we outline the goals, outcomes and justification for the initiative.
Initiate phase – where we identify the foundations of the solution, build an initial prioritized backlog and

Purpose Alignment Model

Prioritizing Using the Purpose Alignment Model

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Purpose Alignment Model Background & Use
The Purpose Alignment Model was created by Nick Nickolaisen and is therefore also called the Nickolaisen Model. The model is used to help people prioritize work based on purpose. It helps us define the purpose of product or project work that we are considering. When we know the purpose