Testimonials from Lean Leader’s Workshop


“Mary and Tom Poppendieck presented a very worthwhile workshop – deep insights, practical advice and actionable ideas.”

“There is no replacement for great motivated people. Tom and Mary Poppedieck transcends the lean principles into a practical “way of life” through their experience and knowledge in the area of Lean Leadership.

“I feel privileged to have been able to attend the LLWS12. As always, the knowledge and experience from Mary and Tom was a great learning curve. I also enjoyed meeting up with like-minded individuals from across South Africa who are all determined to improve the way they work (and I have a feeling the lessons will be applied to other aspects of their lives as well). Thank you for bring MAry and Tom to South Africa – much appreciated :)”

“Thanks very much to Joel for taking the risk of organising this event and bringing some world-class speakers to South Africa. The material was excellent and the stories and wealth of experience the Poppendiecks have is hugely valuable and sorely needed in South Africa, so having them here for the two days was fantastic. It was a great bunch of people too, and the dinner on Thursday night was very enjoyable. Overall I am very glad I attended the course. Chris and I have already discussed how to implement things we learned, we’ll let you know how it goes.”

“This training felt like “the right thing at the right time” for me. I thoroughly enjoyed both the areas I was familiar with and the new ones, and had more than a couple of “aha” moments.
Thanks to all! And how about next time holding it in CT or Durban, since there were so many fly-ins?”

“Insightful and inspiring. Mary and Tom presents their ideas with amazing clarity of thought and infectious passion, whilst providing expert practical guidance. Very well organised event – thank you Agilocity for the opportunity to interact with these two stalwarts of the agile and lean world. “

“Mary and Tom display a clear understanding and direct experience of lean and agile. The workshop was delivered in an informative, concise and fun manner.  None of the content or interactions felt trivial. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative sesson with practical aspects to take and apply from the workshop”.

“Loved the sharing of knowledge gained from hands-on experience, and lots of it. Also that many of the examples, stories, pre-reading material was from diverse projects, products and industries showing how the principles apply in many situations. Applying exercises and going thru problem solving as a group was particularly useful in the learning process.
The Poppendiecks are good down to eart common sense people with extensive experience to back the usefuleness of the principles they teach.
For me, it was particularly re-assuring to have the common sense understandings I have gained re-affirmed, plus a bunch of additional practical tools to use, and inspiration to broaden my scope with renewed energy, thus including the end to end team and vision.
A very useful treat – thank you”.

“For me it was their many years of experience that counted, especially when they answered questions that are normaally difficult to answer with such ease and wisdom”.

“This was a great experience. Not only was I privy to extensive experience and advise from the Poppendiecks, but I was able to discuss and engage on the same topics with leaders from a variety of industries. I left the workshop greatly inspired and, I feel, far better equipped to improve and extend the way my team develops solutions to meet the real requirements of the business we serve. I would definitely recommend this workshop for anyone that has even the slightest passion in what they do.”

“As a newbie on Lean, I’m really satisfied with the workshop. I wish we could have more of those interactions more often.”